Moldes itm is a leading company in the design, construction, repair and redesign of plastic, zamak or aluminium injection moulds. Our position in the market is that of specialists in precision and complex technical parts for small and medium-sized plastic injection moulds.

The moulds that we have been manufacturing since we began in 1992 are at work all over the world in the most technically qualified companies. The innovative spirit, dedication and knowledge of our experienced team allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to any challenge.

Along with its proven experience, one of Moldes itm's greatest values is to offer an end-to-end service, covering the entire life cycle of an injection mould.

Moldes itm has an 1,600 m2 facility in Spain and a production capacity of 5,500 hours per month. With the capacity to manage up to 20 simultaneous projects, Moldes itm has a high degree of flexibility as well as contingency policies for emergency situations.

Since 2004 we have had low cost offshore production alternative due to our strategic expansion in China. 100% of projects are carried out under strict supervision and leadership from the parent company and on-site staff to ensure proper monitoring of projects in real time.

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