Moldes itm has a prestigious end-to-end service based on strict Qitm quality standards with no restrictions on the terms of flexibility required by the market and our customers throughout the life cycle of an injection mould.

We cover all phases of a project with guarantees, from the initial consultancy to recycling or recall solutions, through to an impeccable PPAP process, with our injection machines or in alliance with strategic partners such as the renowned Eurecat technology center.

Our PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) procedure is designed to ensure that the client’s engineering specifications are clearly understood through product approval.

We differentiate 3 main sub-phases:
  • mould testing (technical assistance, search for suitable machinery, definition of injection range, test report and conclusions, run&rate if applicable, pre-series, etc.)
  • parts metrology (internal or through first level partners)
  • mould retouching (definition of retouching, action report, steel dimensional control, etc.)





PPAP process
Production Part Approval Process
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after-sales service

Our design and industrialisation processes are based on a simultaneous or concurrent engineering culture, allowing for several turnkey projects advantages, such as a 25%-50% reduction in total time for development and production when compared to traditional models.
We position ourselves as a flexible and well-structured organisation, with robust inter-departmental integration and optimal use of resources. The result of our culture and the processes is always aligned to a competitive quality-price ratio and to assurance of the requirements and expectations of our customers.

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